- Helen Bertels. Plastic Artist -

My work in the plastic arts is based on the word, on objects found on roads (both urban and those in nature), India ink and their intimate universe which also encompasses elements of the soul of those who wish to be portrayed.

Visual Poems I

Mixed technique: photography, words in India ink and objects found on paths on paper.


Visual Poems II

(women's skin)

Chinese ink on paper.


Visual Poems III

(a piece of you)

Words and pieces of things in frames and sometimes outside of them.


For you with heart in hand…

… stems from visual poems III (a piece of you)
… it’s an invitation to sit with me to talk a bit. I want to know you, to know about your dreams, to know a little more about you, perhaps some beautiful memory. We all have something beautiful in our heart, some diamond or ruby ​​in the treasure that we ourselves are. Or tell me about someone special, someone you love, some beautiful person. We all know beautiful people. Your mother, the grade school girlfriend, the neighbor, an uncle, your partner, the lady who always listens to you when you’ve got something on your mind…
Then I’ll take this something, this piece of you, what came out of our conversation and frame it so that you can take it home or give it to that person whom you love, admire or miss so much.