- Agasállame un día da túa vida -

multidisciplinary project

I need to know things about ourselves, as women. For me, this seeking is a stroll through the mystical, ancestral, through nature and the precious planet Earth we have the good fortune to inhabit.

Out of the aforementioned concerns and a trip to the other side of the world, to the antipodes of Galicia, to New Zealand and Rarotonga in the Cook Islands (a group of islands in the Pacific) comes Agasállame un día da túa vida [Gift me a day of your life]. I want to request this from women of different ages, cultures, geographic and social milieus

An artistic research around what might be called the essence of women, this isn’t social documentation. I want to create artistic portraits in pen, words, pencil, charcoal, through the camera lens, my own body, colors or the manner in which the experience suggests itself to me, in an attempt to bring me closer to what I’m looking for.

The manner in which these pictures will be made public will crystallize over time via my blog, a book, an exhibition and a show: “Amor [Love]”.

You can download the project’s entire dossier here: