- Helen Bertels. Facilitator/Trainer -

I’d love to share my experience with you. For whatever it may be, please feel free to contact me.

German classes

Not only do I teach German, I help you find work and achieve your goal in German, wherever you are.

Why choose a native teacher and personalized classes to learn German? Why choose classes with Helen Bertels?

  1. It’s obvious but worth remembering: You can be certain you are learning from someone who pronounces well and that you will always know exactly how to say something correctly in good German.
  2. I will sit down with you and advise you on how to reach the goals you set for yourself, taking you and your circumstances into account.
  3. This way I can assure you that you will waste neither your time nor your money.

If you want to learn German, don’t hesitate, call me!

  • Specializing in individual classes or very small groups (max 3 students)
  • Efficient preparation and training for all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)
  • Practical classes (this is what languages are for)
  • Help in the preparation of your stay in a German-speaking country
  • Help looking for work in German
  • Learning the customs and quirks of another culture first hand
  • Let your children get acquainted with the language by listening to the voice of a native speaker

Theater / dance

I wish to share my experiences in the performing arts (theater and dance) and performing with you as I have observed them, for example, at the Universidade Sénior within the Expanded Programming TRC Danza del Teatro Rosalía de Castro (A Coruña):
2018 Open the keys to contemporary dance history
2019 It’s never too late to go on stage (together with Ana Beatriz Pérez da Cía. Entremáns).

I also offer to share my way of working within the Helen Bertels Company and would be happy to present a project geared for a workshop format meeting your needs.

If desired or necessary, I can also train you as an actress/actor following the Advanced Method Acting according to Boyan Ivic, my acting teacher.

Public Speaking

Do you want to go onstage, express yourself in front of a jury or committee, get up and talk? Do you have stage fright? A desire to improve? Do you want your presentation to be brilliant rather than just good?
…if this is your case, call me and I’ll share my more than 20 years of professional work with you in the performing and audiovisual arts as an actress, creator, director and teacher and also (and why not?) my 40 years of life experience.

I work through Advanced Method Acting. A technique that I will make you easy for you. A technique born of observation. A technique that starts with one question: Why does this person connect with the audience when they talk? This is the only thing to keep in mind. Intrigued?


My work is characterized by the merging of different disciplines. This fusion originated when, at a certain point in my life, I felt the need to look for the place creativity arises from. Do you want me to make you a part of this path, this search?
For Hire: The blue room, creativity workshop..

Make your visual poem!
Workshop that gathers the pleasure of being in nature with the work of framing materials found alongside the path, together with what your heart tells you. We´ll learn to begin listening…

Institutes and Training Centers

Talk / interview with Helen Bertels (Linguistic Normalization)

German artist settled in Galicia for more than 20 years.
Why does a German speak and write in Galician? Do you want to know my opinion? Come on: being in Galicia, this should be normal. But many don’t think so …

I also offer writing workshops, poetic recitals and talks about my work and its gender background. For example:

Amor (Equality)

We will reflect and try to ask the right question:
Woman. Fear. Fear of women. Violence. Why, at some point, did they decide to no longer respect and value feminine capabilities, this feminine power? Why are they afraid of us? Why have women been systematically repressed over thousands of years until up until now? What happened? When did it begin? How was it able to begin? And why are things the same? The most important thing is to ask the appropriate question. Do you ask yourself questions? Do you truly search or do you leave it to others?

Talking about trifles … (Equality and Creativity)

The book Diario de Nimiedades speaks of a way, an internal path. It speaks of a moment in a woman’s personal journey written to women but which can be read, felt, and shared by everybody. It is a book written in the feminine, with the “a” instead of the “o” normally used when speaking generally in Galician. It’s important to speak in “a” every now and then, especially when it comes to our creativity.
My work tends to develop in the female universe, since of course I am a woman. I enjoy speaking about our fears, slip-ups, desires, mischief, and the small miseries that we all experience in our day to day lives.

A journey through time in Galicia (Linguistic Normalization and Creativity)

A journey through time in Galicia is a talk/writing workshop in which Helen Bertels, a German author and plastic artist (residing in Galicia since 1999), gives us a glimpse of her arrival to Galicia, her passion for languages and writing, art and culture in general, especially Galician.
Then we will describe a world which, in the days of the dictatorship, nearly gets real. Culture and language are inextricably linked. If the language disappears, the culture disappears. An incredibly rich world disappears. Imagine that the Galician language disappeared, what would your world be like? What would it lack?

Contact me if you have an interest in any of these initiatives.