- Cía Helen Bertels -

The company poetically approaches subjects from a woman’s universe, from the feminine universe. It is en route to creating its own language, which may be evoked by the following words and key phrases: fears and insecurities, clowning around, sexuality, what being a woman is, path, witches and sorceresses, growth, Butoh, dance, working directly with the audience, powerful, mysterious, life, multidisciplinary…


Gena Baamonde (director and actress)
Marta Pérez (Inversa Teatro, director and actress)
Manu Lago (Galicia Danza Contemporánea)
Mónica de Nut (actress and singer)
Laura Iturralde (lighting designer)
Afonso Castro (lighting designer)
Paulina Funes (multidisciplinary artist)
Nuria Sotelo (Licenciada Sotelo, dancer and creator).

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Wir Frauen
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Compañía Helen Bertels finds its place in a potent exercise of simplicity expressed through its body poetry and an overwhelming empathy for life, that which is near, that which surrounds us.

Marta Pérez – Inversa Teatro


Nimiedades are 13 gift boxes. 13 stage actions carried out by Helen Bertels and Mónica de Nut. They usher in a feminine universe. A world made distant and close at the same time. A world of riddles, paradoxes, tears and laughter. A world that gives strength and causes fear to flee. A circular universe in which darkness is not set aside and cursed, one where crying everyday if necessary is allowed and where we can be ridiculous as much as we want.

Nimiedades is a show with Mónica de Nut and Helen Bertels, that counts on the support of Marta Pérez (Inversa Teatro) as assistent director and Afonos Castro doing the lightening. It is based on the book Diario de Nimiedades by Helen Bertels.

Poemas para levar

An unusual moment, surprising, reflective, fascinating, mysterious, contemplative, a moment of connection with yourself through my poems. It’s something you will never forget!

Do you want to make your event something special?

Do you want your customers, guests or assistants to be captivated by the magic of poetry?

Then I have what you are looking for: Poems To Go …


What is the essence of women? What makes us ourselves? What do we know about the mystery we carry inside us?

What I want to share in this show are the brushstrokes of a search. A search which has been lost or hidden through centuries of patriarchy but still lies dormant, waiting to help us rediscover and live a full life.
I will try to talk with the bearers of this knowledge within the project, Agasállame un día da túa vida that AMOR forms a part of and in which I visit women from various geographic, cultural and social origins that I think will shed some light into the darkness that envelops the question. From the experience of that shared day I elaborate a portrait in words and images that will materialize in works of plastic, stage, literary and audiovisual arts.

Wir Frauen

Wir Frauen is Cía Helen Bertels’s first work: a meditation on the differences between men and women, insecurities, fears, contradictions, on what we want to be, and above all how we try outwardly to appear. Of course it allows glimpses of what we really are—the rage, tenderness, weakness, truth…

Wir Frauen is a coproduction with La Tía Mardalina which premiered at the Ensalle Theater (Vigo) in 2011.